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Let your soul grow

Hello Beautiful, 

To end our discussion on growth, we are going to hit up the final part of who you are, your soul. We talked about spiritual growth last week and we also discussed how our body growth (as far as height goes) does as it pleases. So the last section to touch on is growth in the soul. 
The soul itself is made up of three sections: your mind, will and emotions. Each of these could take up a whole article but I will only touch on them briefly and show how to grow in each area. 
MIND: This is an easy one. Growing your mind comes through learning. Allow your mind to absorb new information. Let it go past the boundaries. Our mind has the potential to take us to places never before reached or to keep us stuck in a box. If you think you can only learn so much or do so much, that is where you will stop. If you think without limits and believe that you can learn anything, there are no limits on what your mind, and what you, can achieve. Read books, complete puzzles, keep your mind active. Stay away from mindless entertainment as much as possible. At the same time, allow your mind to rest. Especially when it gets close to bed time. This is probably the hardest part for me. I have a hard time letting my mind rest and then my overactive mind often follows me into my dreams, making for a very unrestful sleep. 
WILL: Your will is the standard that determines what you will or will not do, think, or say. How strong is your will power? Do you give in to peer pressure easily? If you do, you need to work on strengthening your will. Do you have a hard time telling people “No”? Than you need to strengthen your will. The easiest way to do this is to adopt some morals, make some guidelines that coincide with those morals and stick to them. For example, drugs only hinder you. So you make a moral decision not to do drugs. Than you set up some guidelines: I will not hang out with these people because they do drugs all the time. I will not waste money on drugs, I will save it for a car. I will not take any drugs no matter who offers it and I will not use any drugs no matter how badly my mind tells me that I need to. Once you set up these guidelines, it helps build up your will power to say no to the things you do not want to do. 
Some people have a strong will power but it is against things that would actually be beneficial to them. For example, people that have been hurt by a certain group of people, say that they will never let those types of people into their lives again. This is not beneficial because this places all of those types of people into a category and they could be missing out on some really great relationships. 
Some areas in your will need to be strengthened and some need to be reevaluated. The best thing to do would be to sit down and write out your morals. How well do you stick to those when confronted? From there, determine which ones need to have some guidelines set so that they get strengthened. Also, take some time to think about the things that you tend to avoid or say no to often. Are these things helping or hindering you? I had to do this in my early college years. I used to avoid people because I was so shy and scared about what could happen. But I needed friends. So I made the choice to slowly get out there and meet people. If you met me today, you would have no idea that I was ever shy like that. 
EMOTIONS: This is possibly the hardest one, especially for ladies. We tend to be more emotional beings than the men. Growing emotionally is learning to feel your emotions, understand what is causing them, and go through the “symptoms” without letting them dictate your day. In other words, we have to choose to live not based on what we feel. When you begin to feel something, identify where it is coming from, experience that feeling and handle the situation as best as you can. Then remove yourself from that emotion. What happens too often is people get sad from some painful experience and they sit in their sadness. They take it on as their identity and accept it as who they are. They were never meant to live in sadness. But because they are emotionally immature, they did not know how to handle the sadness and move on with the rest of their life. I spent a big part of my life like this. In my mid-twenties I finally learned to experience the emotion and then release it. But it was one of the hardest growing experiences that I have ever dealt with. 
Growth is a heavy topic and I know we have spent a whole month on it but I hope that you have grown through this experience and have taken down some pointers for future growth. Next month is going to be very exciting. We cannot wait to introduce our new theme to you. 
Until then, have a great rest of your April!
Karissa Hagemeister